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The World VS Motorcycle Clubs

By LJ James

The New World Order and Motorcycle Clubs

What a crazy world we live in today. It's come to a point where you just don't know what to believe any more. The "news" media has gone from investigative reporting to regurgitating Government and Corporate "News Releases" as actual news.

The thing that I don't understand is, some people actually believe everything they see on TV or read in the paper or on the Internet. You can tell people the Sky is falling but if it wasn't reported on CNN, People will just think your some kind of crazy Chicken Little. Chunks of the sky could be hitting them in the head and they still wouldn't believe it.

If CNN reports that the Sky is Falling and states the reason as "human over consumption of oxygen", people start trying to figure out how to stop breathing so they can stop the Sky from falling. It doesn't matter if the real reason is some new Military Toxin.

Let's say there is some national disaster and you say something different from the official Government release on why and how it happened. Now you're some kind of crazy Conspiracy Nut. Again It doesn't matter what kind of proof you have, what kind of scientific evidence you try and present, you're just a nut and no one wants to listen to you.

Because We all know the United States Government would never lie to us. They'd never conspire against the people of this country. Anyone remember The "Gulf of Tonkin" incident? Iran/Contra? Weapons of Mass Destruction?

We're used to hearing about the Government Controlled Media in places like China and Russia, but what of the "News" media in the United States? Just a few months ago our Government was besieged with letters, email, and phone calls by people who were vehemently against the so-called Wall Street Bail-Out. At first the measure failed. CNN broadcast a week of programming designed to "educate" us stupid Americans on the reasons why we needed to pay for this bail-out. The next week it passed.

This is not the "Free Press" our founding fathers envisioned. Our founding fathers envisioned a "Free Press" that would help to keep our Politicians and our Government honest, as a way to speak out against injustices, not an "education" tool.

What has happen to the Spirit of the American people? When did we stop demanding to know the truth about what is going on? When did the Truth get too hard for us to handle? Is it fear? It seems every time someone uses the phrase "National Security", that somehow, we understand that's all we need to know.

Is it apathy? What happened to the days of protest, the intolerance of greed and corruption? Throughout History there are examples of great Societies that have fallen, not from outside forces, but from corruption within.

We live in a world of the Future where things that seemed impossible yesterday are common place by tomorrow. For some of us, we're too busy trying to make it to tomorrow to worry about what is happening politically in the World. We're too busy working and taking care of our families to seek the truth or get involved with some kind of cause.

Many still believe that eventually the Government will take care of us, that despite the loss of our industry, the loss of our jobs, the loss of our freedoms, and the lowering of our standard of living, the Governments still have our best interests at heart.

When we see Governments around the World curtailing our right of assembly, our freedom of speech, do we stand up or do we accept it? Lately, it seems that these political entities have been giving those of us in Motorcycle Clubs a little extra attention. Why is that? Most Motorcycle Clubs are made up of principled, patriotic men who value family, brotherhood and their communities above all else. Many are Veterans of Wars past and present.

Why are we viewed as Radicals & Extremists. The Governments of the world have begun pushing hard to break us up, shut us down.

As a Biker and a Member of a Motorcycle Club I see many injustices taking place all over the world. I have seen Motorcycle Clubs names and logos seized in dirty under handed methods. Large Clubs charged with Crimes and their members locked away. Government Agents inserted into clubs for years so that they can introduce drugs and violence into the clubs in an effort to bring them down. Ex Members and "friends" of Motorcycle Clubs offered Millions of Dollars if they can come up with charges against these Motorcycle Clubs!

Just as in any culture or society, there are going to be a few bad apples.The problem is the Government and the Media have conspired to paint everyone in the Biker World with the same brush. I'll bet it takes you 5 seconds to think of a News Story, Movie, or Documentary that you've seen portraying Bikers negatively, but I bet you can't think of one that shows us feeding the poor, protecting the children, or raising money for every disease known to man.

Watching Motorcycle Clubs slowly being taken down in such blatantly unjust ways is scaring the hell out of me. What makes me sad is at the same time these wolves are getting through the gate and destroying the MC world, Many Motorcycle Clubs continue to fight against each other! These fights are embellished and sensationalized on TV and in the press. They are then used by the Governments of the world as the fuel they need to continue to shut down all Motorcycle Club's.

Motorcycle Clubs, much like the United States of America, were started with incredible Ideals. Both set down on paper what they were about and what they stood for. It is time for both Motorcycle Clubs and Americans to get back to their core beliefs. I believe with all my Heart that true Members of Motorcycle Clubs hold the ideals of Freedom and Brotherhood higher than any other group anywhere.

As I have said many times before I am no Hippie and I do not preach peace or love, I am a true Biker ! It is just that I have realized "Rome is burning" and only by working together can we hope to be able to stop the fire! Motorcycle Clubs are like people and not everyone will always get along, We are always going to have our differences.

What needs to happen now is for members of every Motorcycle Club in the World to look deep inside and ask themselves, "What is the most important thing to me?" If you truly believe in Motorcycle Club Brotherhood, and you have felt true Motorcycle Club Brotherhood, the answer will be simple. We as members of Motorcycle Clubs, need to set aside our differences and unite as one so that we may work together to save the Motorcycle Club world! We must fight against those who would take away everything we are and have us live as slaves.

Next time you hear that a Government or one of its agents has brought down another Brother or a Motorcycle Club you didn't like, don't celebrate, because the next time it will be you and your club. They won't stop until we are all gone.

I am Your Bro, LJ James (Special Thanks to the staff of for their help on this article)

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By Brent Sweet

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Some adopt blogging and others use Digg to promote their websites. Some prefer link exchange schemes and even link farms. This is nothing but link building. It requires investing a lot of time. Everybody agree that we do all these sort of practices only to gain good search engine ranking.

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